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Our ingredients in each and every product are promised to be naturally derived and give great benefits to each strand of hair.


Organic Butters

Our products feature butters such as Shea Butter and Mango Butter, which play a role in the creamy nature of our products. Both butters have different properties that are beneficial to the hair. 

Shea Butter assists with softening the hair while giving it a great amount of shine. Not only does Shea Butter leave the hair with a natural shine, but it also acts as a sealant. A sealant locks in moisture so that it does not escape the hair shaft. If you are wondering why your hair tends to get dry rather quickly, it is because there may not be a sealant present that will help to retain this moisture. Being that this butter is a sealant, it is essential because it brings that silky and luxurious look and feel to the hair. Shea Butter also combats frizz due to its smoothing properties. Shea Butter will coat your strands, while protecting it from the sun. 

 Mango Butter is a moisture rich butter that works wonders for the hair! The difference compared to Shea Butter is that it is a lighter butter, but a little bit goes a long way. It shares some of the same benefits of Shea Butter such as being a sealant for the hair. It also nourishes the hair and softens the hair, making it easier to manage. The difference with Mango Butter is that it restores elasticity, which helps with reducing breakage. Mango Butter gives the hair a natural boost of shine that will leave your curls looking healthy and amazing!



 There are proven benefits and evidence of hair growth by the use of various natural herbs, teas, and flowers. Some of the many ingredients used in D.Monet's products include Hibiscus flower, Calendula flower, Rosemary, Nettle leaf, and Green Tea. These all are packed with nutrients while they also promote hair growth. Most herbs are efficient in deeply cleansing the hair and treating the scalp. Our Hibiscus Collection features the Hibiscus flower in each product in the line. Hibiscus helps to combat hair loss and boost shine in the hair as it is rich in Vitamin C and amino acids. This flower additionally is helpful in combating and preventing hair breakage and itchy, dry scalp. 

Calendula is a beautiful, golden flower that our scalp craves! It hydrates the hair and the scalp to improve the overall condition of the scalp. Specifically, this flower is great for sensitive scalp and calms irritated scalp and scalp conditions. Calendula has regenerative properties, which helps to grow thick hair follicles and abundant hair growth. Lastly, this flower assists with bringing out natural highlights in lighter hair.

Rosemary is an herb that is great with stimulating hair growth and increasing the volume in the hair. It treats the scalp in addition to combating infection and dandruff. Additionally, this beautiful and natural herb helps to prevent premature grey hair. 

Nettle leaf is one of the best herbs that encourages hair growth. This herb helps to achieve shinier and healthier hair all around. It helps to restore hair growth in areas of hair loss. There is an abundant amount of nutrients that the hair gains from nettle.

Green tea is amazing for improving the texture and quality of the hair. This tea helps to prevent hair loss as well as fighting off dryness in the hair. This extract is great in soothing the scalp, helping the scalp to feel refreshed and deeply cleansed. 


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